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22 Dining Room and Kitchen Vocabularies in Indonesian

22 Dining Room and Kitchen Vocabularies in Indonesian


  1. Spoon = Sendok
  2. Fork = Garpu
  3. Knife = Pisau
  4. Plate = Piring
  5. Bowl = Mangkuk
  6. Cup = Gelas, Cangkir
    Gelas is supposedly a loanword from Dutch, glas, meaning "glass." Although these two words have become somewhat interchangeable, you would tend to use gelas for glasswares and cangkir for cups made of ceramics or plastic.
  7. Chopsticks = Sumpit
  8. Skillet = Panci
  9. Wok = Kuali
  10. Spatula = Spatula
  11. Stove= Kompor
  12. Refrigerator = Kulkas
  13. Food box = Kotak makan
  14. Dining table= Meja makan
  15. Tablecloth = Alas meja


  1. To eat = Makan
    e.g. Makan di restoran
    "To eat in the restaurant"

  2. To drink = Minum
    e.g. Minum di kafe
    "To drink in the café"

  3. To cook = Masak
    e.g. Masak nasi
    "To cook rice"

  4. To boil = Rebus
    e.g. Rebus mi
    "To boil noodle"

  5. To steam = Kukus
    e.g. Kukus tahu
    "To steam tofu"

  6. To stir fry = Tumis
    e.g. Tumis sayur
    "To stir fry vegetable"

  7. To (deep) fry = Goreng
    e.g. Goreng telur
    "To fry egg"

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