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There are 9 life assets that matter when moving abroad:

Your citizenship, wealth, health, ancestry, age, education, skills, relationships, and languages.

All of us possess various combinations of these 9 life assets.

This is a realization I came to after obtaining 10+ visas / residencies in my lifetime.

The Universal Visa Guide helps you to:

  1. Explore >20 visa & residency types around the world associated with these 9 life assets.
  2. USE your life assets to move abroad and SURPASS the limitations you may have.
  3. Get a sanity check on whether moving to another country is the right answer after all. What will you gain... or lose?

Table of Content

by Ryan Octosa

55 chapters, over 20 visa and residency types discussed

Chapter 1: The 9 Life Assets

1.0 πŸ“š How to Move Abroad by Using Your Life Assets


1.1 πŸ“š Yes, You Need a Visa to Move Abroad β€” coming soon

1.2 πŸ“š IMPORTANT Moving Abroad Permanently vs. Temporarily β€” coming soon

Chapter 2: Citizenship

2.0 πŸ“š Moving Abroad from a Developed vs. Developing Country


2.1 πŸ“š Temporary Move Working Holiday Visa β€” coming soon

2.2 πŸ“š Permanent Move Freedom of Movement β€” coming soon

2.3 πŸ“š Temporary Move Digital Nomad Visa β€” coming soon

2.4 πŸ“š Temporary Move Work Visa (Easy Mode) β€” coming soon

2.5 πŸ“š Strong vs. Weaker Passports β€” coming soon

2.6 πŸ“š Temporary Move "Moving Abroad" on a Tourist Visa β€” coming soon

2.7 πŸ“š Permanent Move How to Get a US Lottery Visa (Diversity Visa)


2.8 πŸ“š Permanent Move Can You Just Move to Svalbard?


Chapter 3: Wealth

3.0 πŸ“š How Money Helps You to Move Abroad


3.1 πŸ“š When Applying for Temporary / Permanent Visas β€” coming soon

3.2 πŸ“š Temporary Move Golden Visa, Investor Visa, Elite Visa β€” coming soon

3.3 πŸ“š Permanent Move Permanent Residency by Investment β€” coming soon

3.4 πŸ“š Permanent Move Citizenship by Investment β€” coming soon

Chapter 4: Health

4.0 πŸ“š Do You Need Medical Checkups for Visa Applications?


4.1 πŸ“š Medical Checkups β€” coming soon

4.2 πŸ“š Medical Inadmissibility β€” coming soon

4.3 πŸ“š Deportation β€” coming soon

4.4 πŸ“š Privacy Laws on Health Information β€” coming soon

4.5 πŸ“š Health Insurance β€” coming soon

Chapter 5: Age

5.0 πŸ“š Does Age Matter in Getting a Visa Approval?


5.1 πŸ“š Temporary Move How Do You Get an Au Pair Visa?


Chapter 6: Language

6.0 πŸ“š Chapter 6: 3 Ways to Use Your Language Skills to Move Abroad


6.1 πŸ“š Temporary Move Teaching English β€” coming soon

6.2 πŸ“š Temporary Move Teaching Other Languages β€” coming soon

6.3 πŸ“š Temporary Move Working as a Translator β€” coming soon

6.4 πŸ“š Temporary Move Working as a Customer Service Associate β€” coming soon

6.5 πŸ“š Using Your Language Skills β€” coming soon

6.6 πŸ“š Researching Visas β€” coming soon

Chapter 7: Ancestry

7.0 πŸ“š Permanent Move What is a Citizenship by Descent?


7.1 πŸ“š Permanent Move Citizenship by Ancestry β€” coming soon

Chapter 8: Relationships

8.0 πŸ“š Moving Abroad for Love? What to Know about Citizenship by Marriage


8.1 πŸ“š Moving Abroad as a Married Couple β€” coming soon

8.2 πŸ“š Visa for Parents β€” coming soon

Chapter 9: Education

9.1 πŸ“š Temporary Move Thinking of Studying Abroad to Move Abroad?


9.2 πŸ“š Temporary Move Post-Graduation Work Visa, Job Seeker Visa β€” coming soon

Chapter 10: Skills & Employment

10.0 πŸ“š Temporary Move 3 Things You Need to Get a Job Abroad


10.1 πŸ“š Temporary Move Open vs. Restricted Work Visa β€” coming soon

10.2 πŸ“š Temporary Move Getting a Job Abroad + Work Visa Sponsorship β€” coming soon

10.3 πŸ“š Trades β€” coming soon

Chapter 11 - IMPORTANT: What's Next?

11.0 πŸ“š How to Stack Your Life Assets to Move Abroad


11.1 πŸ“š Time β€” coming soon

Chapter 12: Is Moving Abroad the Right Answer?

12.0 πŸ“š Temporary Move What Are the Cons of Moving Abroad?


12.1 πŸ“š Temporary Move Becoming a Second-Class "Citizen" β€” coming soon

12.2 πŸ“š Temporary Move Stability and Long-Term Goals β€” coming soon

12.3 πŸ“š Temporary Move Finding a Job β€” coming soon

12.4 πŸ“š Temporary Move Dating a Local β€” coming soon

12.5 πŸ“š Temporary Move Long-Term Wealth Building, Buying a Home β€” coming soon

12.6 πŸ“š Temporary Move Family β€” coming soon

12.7 πŸ“š Temporary Move Education and Healthcare β€” coming soon

12.8 πŸ“š Moving to Another Part of Your Country β€” coming soon

12.9 πŸ“š Over and Out β€” coming soon

Hi, I'm Ryan.

Over the past 10 years, I've lived & worked in 5 cities across 3 countries.

Check out my social community (5,300+) where I discuss passports, visa, residencies, travel, and moving abroad 🌏


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