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How to Move Abroad by Using Your Life Assets

There are 9 things that matter when moving abroad:
  1. Your citizenship
  2. Your wealth
  3. Your health
  4. Your ancestry
  5. Your age
  6. Your education
  7. Your skills
  8. The relationships you have
  9. The languages you speak
How to Move Abroad by Using Your Life Assets

All of us possess various combinations of these 9 life assets.

The goal of this guide is not to compare who has it better, as that is not a useful mindset to have.

Rather, this guide aims to help you understand the life assets you already have, USE them to achieve your goal and SURPASS whatever limitations you may have to move abroad.

(And hopefully in other areas of life too.)

So that is the 1st purpose of this guide.


2. What Visas Can You Get?

In this guide, we will also explore >20 visa & residency types around the world associated with these 9 life assets.

For example:

  • What visas can you get using your current citizenship?
  • How is health relevant in getting a visa to move abroad?
  • Can you move abroad with little money?
  • and more!

3. Is Moving Abroad the Right Decision?

Everyone who wants to move abroad think the grass is greener on the other side.

Cliché, I know.

But if you read deeper into the cliché, it's true.

People move abroad to unlock something they think they cannot get in their own country.

People move abroad because they believe they will unlock:

  • More income and/or lower cost of living
  • Better education, jobs, and opportunities
  • A society with values that aligns better with theirs
  • and more

So it's not always about the money, although sometimes it is.

And it's true that sometimes people end up unlocking whatever they wanted by moving abroad, but sometimes they don't.

A big time no.

My Ethical Considerations

Moving abroad can be a good thing (maybe even the best thing you can do for your life), but it can also be a decision that derails your life plan in the long-term if you are not careful. 

In this guide which aims to help people to move abroad, I believe it is most ethical to also present the potential downsides of moving abroad (this will be covered in later chapters).

Moving abroad is a huge decision and it is something you should overthink a little bit.

Information is power. Deliberation is powerful.

Learn More

Here are 2 articles you can read to familiarize yourself with what it means to move abroad.

  • Yes, You Need a Visa to Move Abroad — coming soon
  • IMPORTANT: Moving Abroad Permanently vs. Temporarily: How Are They Different? — coming soon

I would suggest reading them before moving on to the next chapters.

This article is a chapter from The Universal Visa Guide.
To read about the 9 life assets you can use to move abroad, check out the Table of Content.

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