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23 Bedroom and Bathroom Vocabularies in Indonesian

23 Bedroom and Bathroom Vocabularies in Indonesian


  1. Bedroom = Kamar tidur
  2. Bed = Kasur / Ranjang
    Kasur can mean both a bed and mattress and it is more often used than ranjang.
  3. Mattress = Kasur
  4. Pillow = Bantal
  5. Bolster = Guling
  6. Bed linen = Seprei
  7. Blanket = Selimut
  8. Closet = Kloset
  9. Wardrobe = Lemari
  10. Cloth hanger = Gantungan baju
  11. Mirror = Cermin
  12. Bathroom = Kamar mandi
  13. Sink = Wastafel
  14. Toothbrush = Sikat gigi
  15. Toothpaste = Odol
  16. Towel = Handuk

Relevant Verbs

  1. To sleep = Tidur
    e.g. Tidur di kasur
    To sleep on the bed

  2. To wake up = Bangun tidur
    e.g. Bangun tidur pada pagi hari
    To wake up in the morning

  3. To rest = Istirahat
    e.g. Istirahat di sofa
    To rest on the sofa

  4. To lie down = Baring
    e.g. Baring di lantai
    To lie down on the floor

  5. To shower / take a bath= Mandi
    e.g. Mandi dengan air hangat
    To shower / take a bath with warm water

  6. To brush one's teeth = Sikat gigi
    e.g. Sikat gigi sebelum tidur
    To brush one's teeth before sleeping

  7. To wash one's face = Cuci muka
    e.g. Cuci muka setelah bangun tidur
    To wash one's face after waking up

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